Vintage Fall Botanical Printable #2
Vintage Fall Botanical Printable #2

Vintage Fall Botanical Printable #2

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One of 9 beautiful vintage botanical prints for fall, or any other time.

These digital files can be sold separately or as a set.  This is for one You can view the set here.

These are available in in 2 files, one that can print up to size 1in1 by 14in and down to 3in by 5in.  You will also get a file to print up to size 18in by 24 in, if you so desire. 

 You will not receive a physical product.  This purchase is for the digital files only.  

You will receive a zip file with all the printable files in one place.  You can choose to print at home, on your own printer, or take it to your favorite print store and have them printed.  

Once purchased, you will receive and email with the zip files as well as a link for immediate download that you can then download to your own personal computer.